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Feel Dyslexic


Feel Dyslexic is an ongoing project that’s close to my heart. I volunteer as a docent in the art program of a local elementary school, and I’ve seen first-hand the uphill climb that kids with Dyslexia face in the classroom every day. Experts say it could impact as many as twenty percent of students in our country’s education system, but the majority of teachers aren’t trained to recognize it, and it’s not as visible or recognizable as other learning disabilities. I’ve started developing this beta site as a resource for parents, teachers, and other non-dyslexic people to better understand the experience of dyslexia. With better understanding, we can offer better solutions and strategies. It’s something I encourage everyone to look into. Dyslexia is an all-too-common struggle, but with the right approach, we can make a difference!

Material + Method

Hand-drawn with pen and pencil